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'Flora' Vintage Lucite Ring.

'Flora' Vintage Lucite Ring.

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This lovely ring is made of Lucite (a brief history below) it is scratch resistant and this lovely piece is 20mm x 25mm and is set in a very plain setting on a filigree band which is a size 8 1/2.

Originally, Lucite was developed to be used in World War II for military aircraft, plane windshields, and submarine periscopes. After the war, the stocks of Lucite were no longer needed, so the material was utilized to create fashion accessories from handbags with clear handles to costume jewelry. The popularity of costume jewelry in the form of Lucite flourished throughout the 20th century.

Before then, women primarily wore jewelry made of precious metals and stones as a status symbol of the upper classes. The creation of Lucite jewelry was a direct consequence of the Great Depression, launching a golden age of acrylic jewelry where designers became creative with the material as a less expensive alternative to precious materials. Famous fashion house Trifari was among the earliest to experiment with Lucite, with their Jelly Belly brooches still among collector’s favorites.  



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