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Assorted Silver Patterned Bands.

Assorted Silver Patterned Bands.

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These bands range from 2mm (thin flower/ vine band) to 6mm ((wide filigree band)

Choose your style from the options below and then fill out CONTACT US FORM with the style number and your size, if known and I will be in touch ASAP

Please fill out a contact form with the style and your size (if known) and fill out a contact Us form and I will get back to you ASAP.

Each of these rings are individually made to order.

Prices are as follows:

1. 7mm Wide Filigree band- $75.00 (SKU P1)

2. 4mm Filigree Band- $65.00 (SKU P2)

3. Wave Band 4mm (SKU P3)

4. Heart Band 5mm $35.00 (SKU P4)

5. Flower Vine band, 3mm $20.00 (SKU P5)





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