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Aura Rainbow Quartz Cocktail Ring.

Aura Rainbow Quartz Cocktail Ring.

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This beautiful Aura Rainbow Quartz Cocktail Ring is perfect for that evening out or any formal occasion. With sparkles and flashes of colour, it's sure to catch peoples eyes. It is a very durable hard stone, with it being 7 on the Mohs hardness ratings, but as with all jewellery, care is needed to be taken and should be removed when using water and be kept away from long periods of sunlight.

Please Note: this ring sells quickly & may have to be made for you. Please send your size & one will be created asap.

Aura quartz is a natural quartz that has been treated with Titanium and Niobium.

This is a quick guide to how Aura Quartz is made.

  • The quartz crystal is cleaned and polished.
  • The crystal is placed in a vacuum chamber.
  • The chamber is evacuated to remove all air.
  • The crystal is heated to a high temperature.
  • A vaporized metal, such as titanium or niobium, is introduced into the chamber.
  • The metal bonds to the surface of the crystal.
  • The crystal is cooled.
  • The crystal is removed from the chamber.
  • Please see video for a more comprehensive view.



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